The Not So Wild Bengal Cats


When hearing the name Bengal cat, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a Bengal Tiger. Though Bengal cats have bold and beautiful patterns, they are not related to the Bengal tiger in any way. Bengal tigers are wild cats that can reach close to 500 pounds, while the biggest bengal cat ranges under 20 pounds and remains in the category of domestic cats.
Bengal cats were created by humans, as a hybrid formed between the wild Asian leopard cat and domestic house cats starting in the 1970’s and growing in population from the 1980’s to present time. The main goal in combining these two cats was to capture the stunning beauty and fur patterns found in wild cats, while simultaneously preserving the mild mannered disposition of a house cat.
Bengal cats have the slender, athletic physique of wild cats which makes them known for being high energy, bold and even mischievous. The sharp intelligence and good health of this popular pet is what makes it such a wonderful companion for upwards of 15 years.